Friday, March 11, 2011


Alright, lets admit it.  As musicians, we sometimes are so focused on developing our music skills that other important skills often fall by the wayside.  Things like social skills, math, and web savvy kinda get left behind.  While there isn't much this article can do to teach you social skills or how algebra works, we have found a great resource for those that don't know HTML from Hotmail.  If you need a fairly simple website to direct your fans to, Roxer might just be the place.  It's easy to use system allows you to add content, such as boxes, headers, text, photos, links, and videos with the click of a mouse.  A quick tutorial shows how to add content and drag it where you want it.  You can create multiple pages and link text of pictures to other sites, such as Facebook, Myspace or Reverbnation, all for the wonderful price of ... free.  You can use a page name such as, or easily transfer a domain name, such as (Not that I'm shamelessly promoting my personal website or anything like that)  To try Roxer out, visit

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